Burnt Mountain Forest

Middlesex, Washington County, VT
Price: $890,000 (Price Adjustment!)
Acres: 763
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


The 763-acre Burnt Mountain Forest offers several notable attributes: 

·  Shares 2.7 miles of boundary with the 13,600-acre Putnam State Forest;

·  Includes the top of Burnt Mountain, one of three scenic peaks making up the Mount Hunger Ridgeline;

·  Gated internal road penetrating deeply into the forest from which sweeping views of Mount Hunger unfold;

·  Located 10 miles from Montpelier, an economically and culturally vibrant community and Vermont’s capital city;

·  Timber value estimated at $553,600 with 29,000± potential taps.


Vermont’s capital city of Montpelier, located just 10 miles to the south, is the hub of the region, offering numerous shops and restaurants, a lively cultural scene, several colleges, state government and an array of employers. While close to this small city, the property sits in a mountainous, rural landscape adjacent to the scenic Worcester Mountain Range, associated 13,600-acre Putnam State Forest, and Mount Hunger, one of the state’s most hiked peaks. The property offers sweeping views of this treasured landscape.


Access is gained from North Bear Swamp Road, with the property’s boundary located 1,280’ from the town-maintained section of this road. From this boundary point, nearly 2,000’ of property frontage runs along this Class IV road, which also provides access to the small parking area for the Middlesex Mount Hunger Trailhead. Just before the trailhead’s parking area, the property’s internal, graveled road turns off the town road, running deeply into the forest for 1.2 miles. As an extreme homesteading site, the vast landscape at the end of this road provides a compelling, big country location, unparalleled by many spots in Vermont. Here, the scenic Worcester Range, less than a mile to the west, sits at the door.

Site Description

The forest’s western section faces east, with terrain rising steadily from east to west, culminating at Burnt Mountain (elevation 2,722’). Burnt is one of nine named peaks that stretch along the 16-mile Worcester Mountain Range. Densmore Mountain is to the south of Burnt, and White Rock Mountain and Mount Hunger are just to the north. All four peaks rise over the forest, creating a scenic backdrop and expanded recreational opportunity.
Terrain for the eastern section of the forest generally rises south to north, providing a southerly aspect, with mostly gentle slopes. Much of this terrain is east of the internal road and easily accessible, with elevations between 1,700’-2,000’. From this section, there are attractive views of the mountains and the more settled land towards Montpelier to the south. The property’s second mountain stream bisects this area as it flows off While Rock Mountain.


The forest has benefited from a long tenure of professional stewardship. Fountains has had the privilege of managing the property for the past 30 years. The current Capital Timber Value (CTV) is estimated to be $553,600, accounting for 62% of the purchase price, with the balance realistically covering the bare land value held by the property’s multiple-use opportunities (housing, conservation, recreation, etc). The forest’s upland terrain has resulted in a timber resource dominated by northern hardwoods (87% of species composition).  The maples are the major species (48%), followed by yellow birch (19%) and spruce/fir (11%). The property offers a potential sugarbush opportunity, with the timber data indicating roughly 29,000 sugar and red maple taps property-wide (utilizing all stems 9” and greater).

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