Bruce Pond Forest

Sheffield, Caledonia County, VT
Price: $378,000
Acres: 507
Type: N/A
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


Seldom does a Vermont property enter the market with an undeveloped, 27-acre, scenic pond, which is exclusively owned and privately accessible by a driveway from the property's mile of town road frontage.


Sheffield village is 5 miles to the southeast of Bruce Pond Forest and offers a host of amenities common to other Vermont towns of its size (population 700). The closest large town is Lyndon Center (population 6,000), 12 miles from the property and host of Lyndon State College and the Lyndon Institute. Burke Ski Resort is 18 miles to the east. Other regional destinations include St. Johnsbury (20 miles), Hanover, New Hampshire (80-minute drive), and Boston (3-hour drive).


The forest offers exceptional town-maintained road frontage, including Sheffield Square Road - 3,040’ of frontage along both sides of this town-maintained gravel road with electric power and phone service roadside. There is an additional 1,500’ of frontage along the north side of this road at the land’s western end. Terrain along the road is gentle.
Hod Brook Road - 1,390’ of frontage along both sides of this town-maintained gravel road where terrain is also gentle.

Site Description

The property’s highlight is Bruce Pond, whose shoreline rests entirely within the forest, providing complete privacy. This scenic, 27-acre pond is undeveloped and accessible only by a private road on the property. Pond depth is 13’, its shoreline is 5,500’, and its watershed is nearly 400 acres. A pair of loons were sighted on the property in 2016.
The headwaters of Oregon Brook begin at the pond and then flow through the northern part of the forest. Along the brook (just after leaving the pond) is the site of an old hydro mill whose stone remains to provide one of many visible testaments to the land’s historic, working landscape.
Terrain is generally modest, ranging from gently sloping within the spruce plantation areas to occasionally steep slopes leading to the brook and eastern end of the pond. Soils are mostly adequately drained with exceptions in some level areas and within the 54.6 acres designated as wetland (adjacent to the pond and brook).


The timber resource is a product of a diverse array of past land use practices and soil types, resulting in a diversity of stand types, species, and age classes, including dense softwood stands, even-aged and uneven-aged northern hardwood stands, and spruce/fir plantations.
The timber resource information is based on a 2012 Current Use management plan inventory conducted by the owner’s forester (Hunger Mountain Forestry, Inc, HMF). The current HMF timber data reveals a total sawlog volume of 841 MBF International ¼” scale (2.3 MBF/commercial acre) with 2,272 pulpwood cords (6.2 cords/commercial acre). Based on this information, stumpage values were assigned by Fountains in May of 2016, producing a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $186,100 ($508/commercial acre).

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