Brown Family Timberlands

Multiple Tracts, Eastern and Southern, AL
Price: Sealed Bid Sale - Bid Deadline May 31, 2018
Acres: 5,447
Type: Timber
Availability: Under Agreement
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Site Description
Special Features
Bid Process


The timberland is offered for sale in a bid event with buyers able to bid on the entire acreage or various groups of properties.

In-depth details of the offering are available upon execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement available by clicking the above orange NDA icon.

This timberland offering consists of 13 individual tracts, all of which have been intensively managed for timber production, with productive pine plantation establishment being the primary management focus for the past two decades. The tracts are well suited to the investor seeking steady annual cash flow from non-timber sources and asset appreciation from the production of its timber resource.  


The properties are located within three general clusters in the east-central, south-central, and southwestern areas of Alabama.  These regions have exceptional markets for all timber products, particularly pine sawlogs, the forest’s primary product.  The eastern properties are centrally located between Birmingham and Montgomery, AL, with Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport less than a 2-hour drive away.  The south and southwestern tracts are also less than 2 hours from the Alabama’s state capital Montgomery.


All of the tracts enjoy deeded and secure access (with the exception of the Crenshaw #2, Barnes #1 and Bonner tracts, whose access is prescriptive by a tradition of use).  In keeping with professional forest management activities, each property has a well-maintained internal road system.    

Site Description

While the primary highest and best use of the acreage is timber production of short rotation loblolly pine plantations, recreational uses exist on all of the tracts, given the good access, level, dry terrain and close proximity to nearby population centers. Establishment of a family estate is a viable option on two of the tracts, which already have building infrastructure and or water resources.  Most of the sites are upland with logging access available throughout the year.


F&W began management of the property in 2004, with a program of harvesting the mature natural timber stands and establishing Loblolly Pine plantations. Today, more than 65% of the acreage has been converted to highly productive plantations, changing the age structure of the forest to one that is more evenly distributed. This professionally-managed mixture of pre-merchantable and mature timber stands also provides the opportunity for a steady cash flow with multiple years of sustainable harvests.

Special Features

The 3,606-acre Nonesuch #1 tract has 3.5 miles of river frontage on the Tallapoosa River. This section of the river offers excellent fishing, kayaking and canoeing opportunities. The tract also offers a main lodge and two houses. All of the buildings have been maintained and used by an existing hunting club. The main lodge can sleep up to twenty people and overlooks a serene 17-acre lake. Included are two cottages, each with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.

The McCoy #2 tract has frontage on Lake Martin, offering an attractive site for building. 

Bid Process


Sealed Bid Process: 

Bids for the entire offering or for the individual groups will be accepted.
Bids will be evaluated for the best “overall” offer (price and contract terms), with bidders notified by Wednesday, June 6, 2018 concerning the status of the bid process. The successful bidder will be asked to finalize a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) on an expedited basis, subject only to those contingencies (if any) negotiated between the parties, and transfer of good and marketable title. A 5% earnest money deposit is required upon full execution of the PSA.

Closing Period:

Anticipated closing date will be on or before 60 days from execution of the PSA.

Data Room: 

The Fountains Land Data Room contains comprehensive details of the offering, which is available upon execution of a Confidentiality Agreement which is available by clicking the NDA orange icon above.

Broker Disclosure: Under agency law, you are considered a customer, unless you have a written brokerage agreement with Fountains Land (in which case you are a client). While you are a customer, Fountains is NOT obligated to keep confidential the information that you might share with us; therefore, you should not reveal any information that could harm your bargaining position.