Brick Church Forest

Malone, Franklin County, NY
Price: $129,000
Acres: 195
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Todd Waldron
Site Description


Fountains is pleased to introduce the 195-acre Brick Church Forest, an incredible recreational forest property located within minutes of Titus Mountain Ski Center in the northern Adirondacks. The property lies within a beautiful backdrop of towering pines and is close to Chasm Falls, a prominent waterfall on the Salmon River.


This region is one of the North Country’s most popular snowmobiling destinations during the winter months. There are over 250 miles of well-maintained back country trails throughout Franklin County which inter-connect with Canadian trail systems to the north.  Nearby Malone (population 5,900) is the county seat and home to a regional community college campus, numerous dining options and several gas and grocery stops. Titus Mountain Ski Center is located within 2 miles of the property.


Access to the property is via 735 feet of frontage along Brick Church Road - a paved, four-season artery that links the property and its neighboring rural residences to nearby Malone. A rustic, seasonal cabin is nestled just off the road frontage, providing a turn-key opportunity to enjoy the property on weekends, snowmobiling trips and summer getaways.

Site Description

Brick Church Forest’s scenic, well-kept pine forests offer a classic opportunity for winter weekend ski trips to Titus Mountain, snowmobiling adventures on nearby country trails, tree farm management, recreation and summer vacations. This is a highly versatile property that is enjoyable to use and explore.


A rustic, three-season, vintage summer cabin is situated along the frontage on Brick Church Road. It has a relatively new roof, a straight roofline and the interior wainscoting on the ceiling and walls offer a classic feel. The cabin hasn’t been used heavily in recent years and needs work. With paint on the exterior, a new stove, a propane fridge and a few weekends of cleanup, it could offer a rustic turn-key cottage option while you’re planning out a larger four-season home or weekend retreat on the property.

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