Blue Run Tract

Morgan, Calhoun, GA
Price: $200,000
Acres: 92
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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T.R. Clark
Site Description
Water Resources


Whether you are interested in farming, hunting or growing timber, the Blue Run Tract has it all, featuring 36 acres of cultivated field, a 14-acre lake and mature timber stands.


The Blue Run Tract is in the Upper Coastal Plain region of southwest Georgia, an area of large, flat to gently rolling cultivated fields interspersed with pockets of timber. The property is bordered by agricultural land on nearly all sides, with one small timbered tract to the east. Albany, Georgia, is about 30 miles to the west of the tract and has all the features of a larger city including medical care and Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.




The Blue Run Tract has 3,500 feet of paved frontage along Georgia Highway 37, and 2,100 feet of dirt frontage along Timmons Lane (County Road 4) on the eastern boundary. There are about 4 driveway cuts leading off of the paved highway (one to an old homesite) and one cut off Timmons Lane. The tract has direct access to power.


Site Description

The combination of agricultural fields, pockets of forest and the lake create a serene, rural and beautiful environment on the Blue Run Tract. With existing and active cultivated fields, this tract is ideally suited to continue as an agricultural property. As with many farms in the area, there is an active lease on this tract that is renewed annually, providing a steady stream of income.

The tract is  relatively flat at an average of 260 ft elevation.



The tract has about 40 acres of timberland.  Approximately 20 of those acres are bottomland, or lowland, that remain wet through a good portion of the year.  The other 20 or so acres are “fully operable.”

The bottomland/lowland areas could be partially harvested to capture some value, but some timber would need to remain to adhere to state Best Management Practices to preserve water quality.

The “fully operable” areas have fully mature timber and could be harvested at any time. After harvest, these areas could be replanted with genetically improved pine to make them more productive and produce timber income in the future. There is no timber cruise data.


Water Resources

The 14-acre lake opens the door to a recreational lease as it could be a good opportunity for water fowl hunting (and has been reported as such). It is also an interesting spot for kayaking and canoeing as there are many nooks and crannies to explore and much wildlife to observe.


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