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Belcher Hill Forest

Roxbury, Washington County, VT
Price: $250,000
Acres: 197
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


The property is situated along a quiet graveled town road, with high elevation on the western slopes of Belcher Hill. The land’s prominent elevation lends itself to long views of the Northfield Range to the west. With electric power and phone service along the town road, the development of a private homesite is an attractive option.


Locally, the land sits in a heavily forested landscape with scattered homes along the town roads, and small family farms situated mostly in the valleys.  Near the property, there are widely scattered homes along Braintree Hill Road.

Roxbury Village is 5 miles to the north and hosts a town store and youth summer tennis camp. Nine miles to the south, Randolph is a larger, vibrant community bolstered by the presence of the Chandler Center for the Arts, Gifford Medical Center, and Vermont Technical College. The ski town of Warren is 13 miles to the west over Warren Mountain Road.

Boston Massachusetts is a three-hour drive; New York City is 6 hours away and Hartford Connecticut is three hours to the south.

This part of Vermont is known for its outdoor activities including hiking and hunting in the Green Mountain National Forest, canoeing and fishing in the many branches of the White River, and mountain biking has always had a home in this part of the state.



Access is provided by the town-maintained Braintree Hill Road, with +/-1,320’ of frontage, where power and telephone exist along the road. Along this frontage is an existing driveway. From this location, a driveway further into the land can be installed for the development of a homesite with superior views.

The northern end of the property has +/-900’ of frontage along Fisher Road, a Class V town road that is not maintained but drivable from the north approach to the Vermont ATV Sportsman Association (VASA) ATV trail.

Site Description

One of the land's notable attributes is its relatively high elevation along Braintree Hill Road (elevation 1,600'), offering outstanding, long views to the west of the Northfield Mountain Range with tree clearing. A potential homesite with this view is possible in the woods, not too far from the town road, allowing for a private, economically feasible building option.

Nearly the entire property holds a western aspect, with the terrain rising from the town road frontage areas to a high point in the east of 2,100', at the base of Belcher Hill. The terrain ranges from gently sloping to moderately steep along the two streams.

Two top-of-the-watershed streams run through the land, providing a seasonal water feature.

Forest management has been active over the decades, with a partial overstory removal harvest conducted on roughly 60% of the land (Stand 4 of the forest management plan) in 2016. This has resulted in considerable regeneration, making walking in many of these areas difficult. The balance of the land (Stand 5) consists of a sugar maple stand which was thinned in 2016; in these areas, walking in the woods is easier given the higher stocked overstory. In addition, the harvesting activity created many woods trails, providing a base for a future recreational trail network.

The land also hosts a Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) snowmachine trail plus a VASA ATV trail, both maintained by local organizations, offering existing, well-maintained trails on the land, providing easy access from one end of the property to the other.

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