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Beanville Road Forest

Vershire, Orange County, VT
Price: $235,000
Acres: 180
Type: Timber
Availability: Sold
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Michael Tragner
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Site Description


The property’s value is contained within its maturing standing timber value, making it best suited to buyers seeking long or short term returns from the growth and or harvest of the timber resource.    

Property highlights:

  • Standing timber value of $226,900, with the asking price set near timber value;
  • Ideal access, productive soils and gentle to moderate terrain;
  • High-quality red oak and sugar maple sawlogs driving current value.


While the property is situated in a rural area, the small village of West Fairlee is just 1 mile to the east. Lake Fairlee, with its primarily summertime residents and children's summer camps, is 3 miles to the southeast. Interstate 91 (exit 14) and Thetford Village are 9 miles to the southeast.


Access is provided by a short right-of-way that leads into the land from Beanville Road.  Once on the property, an internal road leads to an old landing and small gravel pit. From this point the old internal road leads into the land for 1,330’ farther.

The access conditions are excellent for all forms of future forest management purposes. Electric and telephone service run along Beanville Road.

A VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) snowmobile trail crosses the center of the property.

Site Description

The property covers a mix of gentle to moderate terrain, with well-drained soil conditions suited to the red oak and sugar maple that dominate the forest. The high point on the forest (1,540’ ASL) is at the land’s northwestern end, while the lowest point (880’ ASL) is along the river.

An intermittent stream runs down the middle of the property; its watershed is entirely contained on the land. The southern property boundary fronts a branch of the Ompompanoosuc River. This river runs year round and swells to a fast-flowing river in the spring and at high water times. The central section of the land haslevel terrain where many stone walls and an old foundation are reminders of the region’s late 1700's settlement history.


2017 timber data reveal a total sawlog volume of 663 MBF International ¼” scale (3.7 MBF/acre), with 2,447 pulpwood cords (13.7 cords/acre). Combined total commercial per acre volume is 21.1 cords, a figure about average for hardwood stands. Stumpage values were assigned to the volumes in July of 2017, producing a property-wide Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $226,900 ($1,262/total acre).  

The species composition is dominated by hardwoods (95%), with softwoods holding the balance (5%). Species composition for all products combined offers a solid mix of commercially desirable species with red oak and sugar maple combined holding 68% of the total. The sawlog volume breakdown is similar with red oak and sugar maple making up 85% of the sawlog volume. Sawlog value is largely dominated by red oak (78%) with sugar maple and white ash (19%) comprising nearly the entire balance, ensuring that future value growth will occur in the species that are highly desirable in the marketplace.

Average diameter for all products combined is 14.5”, while the average sawlog diameter is 15.5”. The diameter distribution generally indicates a solid middle-aged forest, with the majority of volume within 20 years of maturity. The red oak average diameter is 15.5”, while the sugar maple is 14.5”

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