Baldy Mountain Forest

Tyringham, Berkshire County, MA
Price: $155,000
Acres: 159
Type: Timber
Availability: Sold
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Patrick Hackley
Site Description


A well-stocked, conserved forest located in the Berkshire foothills, with a seasonal camp allowance, hunting lease income and adjacency to the Appalachian Trail.

The New England Forestry Foundation holds a “working forest” conservation restriction (easement - "CR") on the property. The CR supports “economically responsible silvicultural management”, subject to a Forest Management Plan developed by a state licensed forester and approved by NEFF. The CR allows the landowner to control public access and to construct a recreational cabin, not to exceed 500 square feet in footprint, on the property. For more details, a complete copy of the CR is available from Fountains upon request.


Baldy Mountain Forest is located in Tyringham, Massachusetts, a tiny village of less than 500 residents about five miles south of Interstate 90 and one of many small rural towns tucked in the Berkshires. Rolling forested hills, small fields, and numerous brooks thread their way through the countryside. Stockbridge, home to the Norman Rockwell Museum and Tanglewood, is located about 10 miles to the east.


The forest is comprised of two non-contiguous parcels, both fronting the town-maintained Webster Road which travels east/west from the village main street to Route 8. The northern parcel has nearly a half mile of frontage and the southern parcel has about a third of a mile.

Site Description

The northern parcel is nearly flat with a gentle westerly slope that forms the headwaters of Webster Brook. Nearly half of the southern parcel is flat along the roadside and then gradually slopes upward to a small “table” before the terrain tips steeply to the southeast (off the parcel). The separate parcels range in elevation between 1,650’ and 1,750’ above sea level.


White pine is the dominant species, followed by a varied mix of red maple, black cherry and associated hardwoods. Site quality is good, with exceptional diameter sizes in the 20”+ range. Stocking is good, showing nearly 19 cords/acre. A 2015 timber inventory reveals nearly $720/acre in timber value.

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