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Anderson Family Farm

Rupert, Taylor County, GA
Price: $800,000
Acres: 222.68
Type: Timber
Availability: Under Agreement
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Site Description


Anderson Family Farm is one of those unique properties that would be ideally suited for a buyer seeking attributes that include:
• Secluded location with abundant dirt road frontage, yet limited access to the property with 3 gated entrances
• Primarily (183.1 acres) natural hardwoods and pine mix
• 21.71 acres of market age planted pines
• 17.87 acres of open fields and roads
• Recent timber cruise indicates just under 60 tons per acre of merchantable timber on the forested acreage
• Strong history of high quality deer and turkey throughout the property
• Excellent, well drained soils, including Tifton sandy loam, for timber or farmland


Anderson Family Farm is located in the Southern part of Taylor County, Georgia. Taylor County is an agriculturally diverse county located in West Central Georgia. This area is known for its peach and pecan orchards, productive farms, and timberlands. The county also has the iconic “Fall Line” that runs east and west through the center of the county. This Fall Line is the geographical feature that divides the Piedmont from the Coastal Plains area of Georgia. This property lies several miles south of this “Fall Line,” and so it is considered in the northern part of the Coastal Plains of Georgia. The Coastal Plains are characterized by abundant subsurface “aquifers” that supply amazing amounts of clean water to municipalities, farms, homesteads, and large farms and timberlands.

Two major 4-lane highways run through Taylor County and are only a few miles from this property. The “Fall Line Freeway,” State Route 540, runs east and west, connecting Columbus across the center of Georgia to Augusta. Running north and south is US Hwy 19, also a four-lane throughout Georgia, ultimately connecting Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico. These excellent 4-lane highways provide opportunities for continued growth in this area. This property is close enough to benefit from that growth yet far enough away to preserve its privacy and wildlife populations.

The property is located at the intersection of two county-maintained dirt roads, 194 and 198, also known as Fowler Road and Wheeler Rodgers Road. Entrance to the property is a 40-minute drive from I-75, Perry exits, an hour from Columbus, and 2 hours from the Atlanta Airport.

Road frontage is abundant, but with the county-maintained ditches along the dirt roads, access is restricted to three main entrances, which are all gated and locked.


Access to the property is available from two county dirt roads, 194 and 198, also known as Fowler Road and Wheeler Rodgers Road. These roads and the entrances to the large parcel are relatively well-maintained and suitable for an SUV or truck. The dirt roads that lead to these access points are well maintained and should be accessible in all weather conditions. Although four or all-wheel drive would be needed in extreme wet weather.

The internal roads are suitable to access the small sheds and the open field, but most other roads are more suited for an ATV or SxS. These could be made suitable for SUV or truck travel with minimal work.

Site Description

Entering Anderson Family Farm, there is a sense of being away from it all! The signs of wild game animals, the quantity of seed producing hardwoods, and the diversity of the forest types make this property very attractive as a recreational hunting and timber investment property. The topography goes from level to gently sloping, with a fair amount of diversity in the topo across the property. Soils range from good to excellent for timber production. A majority of the farm could be converted to row crops or pastures, if so desired.


A new timber inventory cruise was performed on the property on March 24, 2023, by F&W Forestry Services, Inc. A summary of that inventory is in the property report. The full cruise is available upon request and approval by the owner.

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