Pease Brook Forest

Cornish, York County, ME
Price: $318,000 (Price Adjustment!)
Acres: 321
Type: Multiple Uses
Availability: Available
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Site Description


A southern Maine parcel, featuring gently rolling terrain, a scenic year-round brook, and town road frontage, enabling a variety of potential uses, all located within one hour of Portland and the White Mountains.


Pease Brook Forest is located in Cornish, Maine, one of several villages nestled along the Saco and Ossipee River Valleys in southwestern Maine. Regionally, the tract is located nearly equidistant (6 miles) from Sebago Lake to the east and the New Hampshire state border to the west. Route 25 is located just north of the parcel, and serves as the major east-west route. Maine’s largest city, Portland, is less than an hour away and is easily reached via Route 25. Boston, Massachusetts is just over two hours away via Interstate 95.


The property has two points of legal access. The main access from the north is via Wadsworth Road, a private gravel road in excellent condition off Route 25. The property fronts approximately 1,100’ of the road. Additional access is provided from the south by Old Limington Road, an unmaintained town road that parallels the entire length (0.4 miles) of the parcel’s southern boundary.

Site Description

The parcel offers gently rolling terrain with only a few modest knolls and ridges. Soils are comprised of glacial till and bedrock origin, and are, therefore, well-drained. A gravel survey conducted on the property characterized the soils as Hermon fine sandy loam soils.
Scenic Pease Brook bisects the parcel. Over 10 feet wide in places, this stony, cold stream is known to support brook trout in its deep pools. Two small ponds are located on the parcel near the southern border. The outlets of both ponds flow together to become a tributary that feeds into Pease Brook. The ponds serve as an important habitat feature supporting a host of amphibians, birds and mammals.
There may be opportunity for commercial gravel exploration. A full copy of a gravel evaluation is available from Fountains upon request.


The forest supports a composition of hardwoods – red maple, yellow birch and beech - and a strong mix of white pine, eastern hemlock and red spruce. Recent harvesting has left a forest growing in various size classes, predominantly in the pole and small sawtimber stages. Logging trails are well-stabilized and offer excellent means to enjoy the forest interior.

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