Little River Lake Forest

Clifton, St Lawrence County, NY
Price: $2,695,000
Acres: 3190
Type: N/A
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A rare Adirondack timberland asset, benefitting from the exclusive ownership of a private 215-acre lake, and further supported by a developing maple and cherry timber resource.

The forest’s 480a management plan inventory points toward a significant sugar maple resource. The tap count potential could approach 20,000-25,000 taps for those buyers interested in sugarbush development.

Site Description

The 3,190-acre Little River Lake property is a unique blended timberland asset located in New York's northern Adirondack Mountains. This balanced investment opportunity benefits from an exclusively-owned 215-acre lake which drives long-term value and is supported by a favorable northern hardwood component and significant recreational leasing opportunities.
Little River Lake lies centrally within the property's expansive canvass, creating a private and exclusive water feature that is rarely available on the market. Its maximum depth is reported to be near 30', while average depth is 10'. The lake boasts over 5½ miles of undeveloped hardwood-covered shoreline with several potential building sites overlooking the water, offering excellent recreational access and good aesthetics. The lake frontage enjoys a scenic mixture of deciduous and conifer tree species, creating a beautiful backdrop for future cabin sites overlooking the water. Popular fish species including largemouth bass and brown bullhead.


A timber inventory conducted by Fountains Forestry in July 2012 indicates that total sawlog volume is 4,620 million board feet (1.77 MBF/commercial acre) and 20,350 pulpwood cords (7.8 cords/commercial acre). Combined, total commercial per acre volume is 11.3 cords. Based upon this information, Capital Timber Value (CTV) has been established at $1,047,700 or $325/acre). Volume and value summaries are provided in further detail in the Timber Valuation summary provided in the property report.


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