Lee Hill Parcel

Bethel, Windsor County, VT
Price: $140,000
Acres: 122
Type: N/A
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


An attractive and affordable small timber investment opportunity with secure access and camp development options, the asking price for which is founded on its capital timber value.


The property rests high near the ridge of the Northfield Range, encompassing one of its upper slopes - Lee Hill. The land is situated in the town of Bethel, whose small village is located 10 miles to the southeast. Randolph, 8 miles to the northeast, is a larger and vibrant community bolstered by the presence of the Chandler Center for the Arts, Gifford Medical Center and Vermont Technical College. Quaint Rochester Village is 6.5 miles to the west. Regionally, Hartford, Connecticut, is 3 hours south, and Boston is 2.75 hours southeast.


Lee Hill Parcel is accessed from Charlie Wilson Road, which comes directly off paved Bethel Mountain Road. The property’s eastern boundary runs along the Class IV section of this road for half a miles. Accessing the parcel requires high clearance vehicles.

Site Description

The parcel consists of the northern half of the Lee Hill ridgeline, the highest elevation of which at the land's southern corner is 2,040’. The Lee Hill ridge generally runs along Charlie Wilson Road with its frontage occupying areas of level terrain well-suited to camp development. From the ridge, the land slopes away from the road in an easterly direction, falling along a series of short ledge-runs between gentle plateaus, ending at an elevation of 1,600’ at the land’s eastern corner.


A timber inventory was conducted by the ownership in 2010, data from which (after applying growth) indicates current sawlog volumes of 382 MBF (3.1 MBF/acre) and 2,445 cord (19.9 cords/acre). Stumpage values were assigned by Fountains in March of 2016, producing a total Capital Timber Value (CTV) of $104,000 ($848/acre). The property offers fine examples of high quality northern hardwood stands, with a red spruce component that will diversify income streams.
The timber resource offers an attractive woodlot management and investment opportunity, with its CTV representing 74% of the asking price. This situation ensures that most of the acquisition value is tied to the land’s productive capacity in growing timber on a long-term basis, with future appreciation based largely from physical growth, product shifting and stumpage price appreciation.

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