Jones Tract

Interlachen, Putnam County, FL
Price: $6,000,000
Acres: 3,448
Type: Timber
Availability: Available
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Russ Weber
Site Description


A north Florida timberland investment with multiple age classes of premerchantable and merchantable planted pine, enhanced by recreation, an internal road system and good property access.


The Jones Tract is set in the central portion of north Florida in Putnam County between the cities of Gainesville and Palatka. The property is approximately 3/4 miles north of State Road 20. There are markets for all timber product types within hauling distance of the property including several pulpwood mills, chip-n-saw mills and sawtimber mills.

 Approximately 5 miles west of the property is the Interlachen-Florahome community (Pop. 25,000), an established rural/urban community with a shopping center, gas stations, convenience stores and fast food. The closest metropolitan city is Jacksonville (Pop. 850,000), 60 miles to the northeast.  The Atlantic coastline is 40 miles to the east; the historic city of St. Augustine is 45 miles and the famed Daytona Beach area is 70 miles.



The property has approximately 1 mile of frontage along Hoover Road a county paved road.  Deer Tract Trail Road and Jones Logging Road are roads under Jones ownership and maintained by the hunt club for out parcel access by easement.  These roads access the southern portion of the property’s interior.  Additional road frontage is found to the west along Evans and Stuart Roads, which are county maintained roads. There is a good internal road system accessing the plantable areas of the property by primary and secondary woods roads.

Site Description

The Jones Tract exists as one large, contiguous property with accessible and useable plantation land found in all quadrants of the property making it a solid timberland investment. Two narrow streams thread through property.  Hickory Branch Creek ,which runs on the west side of the property, is approximately ½ mile while Sweetwater Creek runs from north to south and bisects the tract. Other wetlands are scattered across the property.

The property is currently used for forestry and recreation.  In addition, the property could also be used or or other agricultural endeavors and/or be subdivided. In general, the property is level and its plantable soil responds well to the establishment and management of plantations through modern silviculture. The property has numerous planted age classes and natural timber types making for good diversity in wildlife. 



The timber resource includes various ages of primarily premerchantable planted slash pine and merchantable planted slash pine. Planted loblolly pine and some sand pine can also be found.  Natural timber is found in hardwood bottoms and uplands. A significant portion of these non-plantable natural acres have been harvested in approximately the past seven years and are in a cutover condition. Pine seed trees have been left in many of these sites.


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