Brunner Hill Forest

Colton, St Lawrence County, NY
Price: $1,594,000
Acres: 1233
Type: N/A
Availability: Sold
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Site Description


A highly-stocked, professionally managed Adirondack timberland property with a quality sugar maple sawtimber resource.


Brunner Hill is located along the Route 56 corridor in the town of Colton in St Lawrence County. This area is well known for its long heritage of private timberland holdings, characterized by good hardwood growing sites and favorable maple and cherry soils. The surrounding region is a patchwork of investment grade timberland, hunting clubs, conservation-eased lands and state forest preserve.


Access is gained via a legally-deeded right-of-way along Granshue Road, a well-maintained private gravel road connecting the property and surrounding ownerships to the nearby Route 56 corridor. Brunner Hill has 2.3 miles of private frontage along this access road, which defines much of the property's northern boundary. This frontage provides easy entry into the high-quality, well-stocked sugar maple stands lying within the heart of the property. Granshue Road has a good running surface, a solid base and is ready to go for log truck transportation.

Site Description

Brunner Hill is characterized by its gently-sloping, well-drained terrain, which is perfectly suited for quality hardwood timber production. The property offers excellent operational conditions (94% commercial acreage), well-suited to mechanized harvesting or traditional chain saw and cable skidder operations. Soils are well-drained glacial till types which result in good stem height and crown vigor.


Brunner Hill features nearly 5 million board feet of quality maple, birch, cherry and spruce/fir sawtimber, which offers a great deal of silvicultural flexibility to the next ownership. The property's favorable species mix is dominated by a quality sugar maple resource that comprises 36% of total stocking. Brunner Hill's timber resource has been professionally managed for decades and this becomes obvious when you walk through the impressive sugar maple stands on this property. Capital Timber Value (CTV) has been recently established at $1,328,300 ($1,048/acre), a figure that is well above average for the Adirondack region. You just won't find many opportunities like Brunner Hill out there on the market. Please contact Fountains today to set up a showing.

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